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Totara Partner

Androgogic is an official Totara partner offering high quality services in support of the best LMS for the corporate training sector.


Androgogic Totara Platinum Partner

Androgogic is pleased to be an official Totara partner. Totara is a very polished distribution of the popular and powerful Open Source Moodle Learning Management System. Androgogic has found Totara to be an excellent fit for enabling enterprise level online learning in the corporate training sector and beyond.

About Totara

Leading New Zealand Ed Tech Catalyst IT, UK's Kineo and the Flexible Learning Network founded Totara with the aim of bringing the benefits of open source learning management software to corporate enterprises. Totara offers all of the functionality of the standard Moodle but goes much further in terms of functionality specific to the core needs of corporate and competency-based training.

Totara is available on a subscription basis which provides ongoing support, security patches and feature enhancements. Totara is an extremely cost effective alternative to high price proprietary alternatives for the corporate sector and offers an extremely powerful and fit-for-purposes feature set to any Learning and Development team seeking to provide best-of-breed online learning.

Why Totara?

Totara brings the best of Open Source Learning Management in the form of the core Moodle code underpinning the distribution. On top of this powerful and excellent platform, Totara offers very polished features targeting core needs in corporate training including for example:

  • Competency management for learners and managers

  • Learning development planning capabilities including management review and approvals

  • Organisation and position hierarchy management allowing such things as management approvals for enrolment requests and management oversight and approvals for professional learning plans

  • Class cohort management and enrolment booking capabilities – allows you to have learners nominate for places in courses

  • Rich and flexible reporting including a dashboard view and an easy-to-use report builder tool

  • Connectors for HR/ERP/CRM systems integration

Androgogic and Totara – background

Androgogic have developed and refined a best-practice, holistic educational technology architecture over many years, and a key component in this architecture is a learning content management system (LMS).

The Totara LMS fits seamlessly into Androgogic’s preferred software architecture and contributes strongly to our goal of providing a coherent and powerful educational technology suite for our client-partners.

Androgogic's software partners are selected on the basis that they have technical competence and business ethics. Totara rates highly in both of these areas.

As an official Totara partner, Androgogic has the expertise necessary to assist your institution configure, deploy and maintain Totara. For deployments, we are able to host and provide Tier 1-3 support services backed by Totara core team.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a demo or more information about Totara.

Moodle vs Totara

Moodle vs Totara

Comparison of features: Moodle vs Totara