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COPHE Partner

Androgogic and the Council of Private and Higher Education (COPHE) have worked together for several years on Educational Technology architecture and systems strategy and more recently on discussions relating to data reporting standards for compliance.

COPHE are an Industry key body focused on developing the quality and breadth of private higher education in Australia and overseas.

COPHE works with government  and political parties to promote positive higher education policy and develop a healthy and progressive environment for private sector providers and to improve the recognition of those providers in the broader higher education sector.

COPHE assists its member institutions with relevant services including networking opportunities, tuition assurance, library services, guidance with educational technologies and continuing professional development opportunities.

COPHE and Androgogic have worked together to help develop Educational Technology advice the COPHE members with areas such as Educational Technology related to library services, Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management and LCMSs and systems integrations such as a Moodle-Paradigm integration.

More recently Androgogic and COPHE have been in discussions to formulate an approach to new policy initiatives such as compliance data reporting initiatives being developed by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) .

Moodle vs Totara

Moodle vs Totara

Comparison of features: Moodle vs Totara