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Androgogic has as a core strategic goal, the development of long term, close relationships with high quality, ethical Educational institutions as Educational Technology partners.

Androgogic has as a core strategic goal, the development of long term, close relationships with high quality, ethical Educational institutions as their Educational Technology partner.

Androgogic has strong technical capabilities and highly specialised, rarefied knowledge of an extremely volatile and fast paced Educational Technology sector. To this we have added strong methodological designs and processes and procedures to maximise outcomes and minimise risks and skills in areas beyond technology but still critical to achieving success in Educational Technology and related initiatives in the Education space.

Androgogic does not enter into partnerships lightly but rather checks carefully as to whether an institution is ready to move to the next level and will profit from our support and value our expertise.

We highly value these partnerships and actively seek to develop them and add value to each relationship by providing excellent service and advice and seeking to develop synergies and solutions that will benefit a partner achieve their strategic objectives.

Each of our client-partner institutions have differing challenges to address and opportunities to exploit. There are varying sectors to work within from Higher Education to VET, corporate and government contexts. There are also a wide variety of Educational and other component technologies to work with such as widely differing SMSs, CRMs, Identity Management Systems, etc. Androgogic is capable of working in all these different contexts and listening to and responding to the strategic and operation needs of each partner and working with their specific context. We try very hard to get to know each partner and their business as well as possible so we can anticipate needs and more fully understand needs when they are presented. This has been a successful approach over the last five years and we have maintained an extremely high percentage of our clients as ongoing partners to date losing only one ever (bought by a public company that took all systems fully in-house).

In addition to ongoing maintenance, hosting and support of their Educational technology systems, our client-partners frequently request assistance with custom Educational Technology development, advice of Educational Technology architecture, requests for systems and component evaluations, assistance with Educational technology related due diligence on mergers and acquisitions in the Education sector, help with Educational Design and Development, Change Management and more. Androgogic maintains expertise and bandwidth in all of these areas and is able to respond quickly and cost effectively to help our partners realise their goals.

Androgogic is lucky enough to have relationships with each client partner that spans the executive team down through middle management to operation administrators to individual teachers and even individual students. This allows close communications and the ability to proactively add value.

Examples of some Androgogic client-partners:


  • DET NSW schools

  • The Australian Catholic University

  • Open Colleges (formerly Cengage Education)

  • Think: Education Group

  • Study Group

Androgogic is able to leverage its experience to provide each client-partner with better, more cost effective and fit for purpose solutions to meet its needs.

Androgogic enjoys a close partnership with all its clients and is proud to be referred to as “Educational Technology partner”.

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