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Educational Technology systems & infrastructure

Educational Technology Infastructure: Androgogic specialises in designing and implementing best-practice Educational Technologies in scalable, future-proof, integrated systems architectures.

Educational Technology Architecture

Androgogic specialises in designing and implementing best-practice Educational Technologies in scalable, future-proof, integrated systems architectures.

Picture showing Androgogic Educational Technology Architecture

Educational Technology Systems

An example application set making up the above architecture is as follows:

  • Learning Management System (LMS): this comprises the baseline platform and core of the learning-teaching quadrant. The selected LMS should be functionally extremely powerful with a strong feature set and an extremely vibrant development community so ideally Open Source. Open Source systems have relatively low cost of ownership. There are several excellent Open Source LMSs, each of which scale effectively to serve large populations of learners and teachers and are extremely usable and popular with teachers and learners alike making change management easier.

  • ePortfolio system: this is an additional functional component of the learning-teaching provision quadrant. It is a learner-centred, personal learning environment which augments and extends the capabilities of the LMS. The same arguments apply to the ePortfolio as to the LMS regarding Open Source options.

  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS): the LCMS has powerful functionality and flexibility around its core activities of content management, DRM, educational repository federation, discovery & publishing and support for key, open standards. It can be extended to include additional collections to manage the content for the learning-teaching quadrant core system, the LMS and provide quality assurance, content management efficiency and effective access to upstream resources.

  • Corporate website: this is used for sales and marketing including lead management and potential to real student conversion. It is a key component in the broader architecture and needs to be integrated with the SMS and structures to support Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) investments.

  • Educational Technology Systems Integrations

    An LMS-LCMS integration: standard features allow the discovery and publication in the LMS of content in the LCMS and the ability to contribute new content, adapt or update existing content as well as aggregate and localise content from a range of sources both within and beyond the LCMS.

  • An LMS-ePortfolio integration allowing automatic account creation and Single Sign On (SSO) from the LMS.

  • An LMS-SMS integration: these generally involve passing user account details and enrolment, transfers and cancellations from the SMS to the LMS and course completions, user account detail changes from the LMS to the SMS. More complex integrations can include passing data on student assignment submission, tutor marking and other service level data. even more complex integrations can involve manageing assessment grade ratification processes between the LMS and the SMS as well as automating the creation of LMS courses from templates and populating then with class and cohort enrolments in target date ranges.

  • Integration with synchronous learning systems such as Big Blue Button, Adobe Connect, Webex, etc, allowing SSO and session scheduling.

  • Integration with the LMS and anti-plagiarism systems: allowing student work to be checked for plagiarism before it can be submitted for marking.

  • Integration between the corporate website the SMS/CRM allowing the seamless flow of student lead data in one direction and course catalogue and pricing information in the other.


"Very responsive to the detailed questions that relate specifically to our use of Moodle and its applications" -- Ruth, NSWFHA